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John Wegman opened the Rochester Fruit & Vegetable Company in 1916, marking the beginning of Wegmans Food Markets. Today, we’re one of the largest private companies in the U.S. As we grow, we remain committed to quality products, excellent service and putting our people first.

  • 110+ Stores across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
  • 53,000 Employees
  • $11.2B Annual Sales in 2021

distinctions we're proud of

  • 100 Best Companies to Work For 1998-2024 (#6 in 2024)

  • #4 Company that Cares2022

  • #5 for corporate reputation2022

  • 26M Pounds of food donated in 2022
  • $5M+ In employee scholarships per year
  • 1K+ Thousands of calls per year from customers who love our stores

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We serve customers in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and North Carolina.

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our history of innovation and service


John and Walter Wegman open a 20,000-square-foot store—gigantic in those times—with a 300-seat cafeteria. Other stores introduce modern features like refrigerated display windows and vaporized water sprays to keep produce fresh. In 1937, Walter’s son, Robert, joins the company.


The first suburban Wegmans opens in Rochester, New York. It features innovations like circular checkout counters and a produce processing center in the basement. During this time, Wegmans stores also convert to a self-service format and offer frozen foods for the first time.


Robert Wegman becomes president of the company and raises all employee salaries. He believes that if a company wants its employees to care about customers, the company must care about their employees first. Wegmans introduces benefits and profit-sharing for employees.


Wegmans opens its 22nd store. New ultra-modern features are introduced, like a full-service deli and air curtain entrances to keep food fresh while eliminating drafts. In 1969, Robert Wegman becomes chairman of the company.


Wegmans tops $100 million in sales and begins making regular food bank donations. Customers are introduced to Wegmans Brand items, plus new features like a seafood department, copy centers and a pharmacy. Robert Wegman’s son, Danny, becomes president of the company.


Wegmans launches their Employee Scholarship Program and partners with United Way and the Rochester City School District. In 1988, Fortune Magazine awards Wegmans best in customer service among national food retailers.


Wegmans corporate office opens in Rochester, New York. The company also expands outside of New York, opening stores in Erie, Pennsylvania and Princeton, New Jersey. During the 1990s, Wegmans also begins hiring executive chefs to create better ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook foods.


Wegmans company positioning statement changes to reflect the goal of offering consistent low prices. The first in-store restaurants open. Robert Wegman dies, leaving a legacy of innovation and community care. Before Mr. Wegman's death, he appointed Colleen as president and Danny as CEO.


The Wegmans Mobile App launches. The Wegmans Family Charitable Foundation gives $1 million to a research center at Rochester Institute of Technology to develop sustainable packaging. Danny Wegman becomes chairman and his daughter, Colleen Wegman, is named president and CEO.

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    Jenny D. is an Employee Advocate at Wegmans Retail Service Center in Pottsville
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    Our newly opened distribution center in Ashland, Virginia has already contributed over $300,000 to the local community
  • As a single mom of a child with special needs, Christina wasn’t sure it was possible to be the mom she needed and wanted to be, and still have a career.
  • Our caring people are the very heart of Wegmans. We are a team of individuals—chefs, cashiers, innovators, and doers—on a mission to help people live healthier, better lives through exceptional food.
  • Wegmans Zero Waste Initiative

    Achieving Zero Waste: Passion, Competition, Teamwork
  • This year, we’re so proud to support over 1,500 employees as they pursue their dreams of a higher education. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • Cultivating Sustainability at the Wegmans Organic Farm

    The Wegmans Organic Farm is comprised of individuals who are passionate about creating a self-sufficient and sustainable farm.
  • When you join our knowledgeable, talented team, you'll be a part of turning grocery shopping into a memorable experience—making our store our customers' happy place.
  • Life at Wegmans: Culinary

    As part of our culinary team, you’ll work alongside excellent, experienced chefs in a supportive environment that invests in your growth and learning.
  • Welcome to North Carolina

    See what our North Carolina stores have to offer!
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    We are now hiring for Full and Part-Time Jobs in Reston, VA 
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    We are now hiring for Full and Part-Time Jobs in Yardley, PA
  • Our store employees are the very heart of Wegmans.
  • Meet Jean Pierre

    Looking for a chance at a better life for his family and himself, he applied for a Visa program in 2002 and was one of about 30,000 people worldwide chosen.
  • Meet the Sustainability Team

    When it comes to sustainability, it is the small acts of many that make the biggest impact.
  • Shared Values

    As a company, we have always valued education for its ability to create opportunities.
  • Supporting the Community

    Three separate entities in the city of Rochester, New York, share a building steeped in history and focused on serving their socio-economically diverse community.
  • Transferable Skills Help Veterans Find Success at Wegmans

    Organization, teamwork, leadership, high standards, and dedication to serving our community are all skills valued by Wegmans.
  • Wegmans Drivers Discuss Sustainability, Safety, and Comfort

    Learn how our path to a greener fleet is not only good for the environment, but also for our people and our company.
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    We are now hiring for Cooks and Food Service Workers in Charlottesville, VA
  • We are a team of individuals—chefs, cashiers, innovators, and doers—on a mission to help people live healthier, better lives through exceptional food.
  • Our home office supports 100+ stores and three distribution centers. Here, you'll play an important role in our growth and in our mission to help people live healthier, better lives through exceptional food.
  • What Makes Your Wegmans Unique?

    With 110 stores scattered across the East Coast, no two Wegmans stores are exactly the same. Come see what makes us so unique!
  • Wegmans Employees Give Back All Year Long

    Here are just a few examples of the ways our employees have made a difference in their local communities this year.
  • A New Way to New Year

    Our RDN shares how to look at the new year as a continuation of the last and build on experiences that provide valuable feedback for your way forward.
  • Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

    To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, we asked our employees to share their stories around food, family, and traditions.
  • Celebrating Black History Month at Wegmans

    Come meet some of our incredible people and see how we're celebrating Black History Month here at Wegmans!
  • Developing delicious meals
  • At Amore Italian Restaurant & Lounge, authentic dishes, exceptional wines and spirits, and a vibrant atmosphere come together to bring you the same wonderfully satisfying dining experience you can have in Italy.

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