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Making the Food that Makes Wegmans a Cut Above

At Wegmans, we’re passionate about making delicious, great meals easy for customers. Our efforts to achieve this goal are centered in our food manufacturing facilities, located in Rochester, New York. When you join our team there, you’ll be part of a group pushing to innovate food through willingness to experiment and try new things. All while keeping an eye on the tried-and-true, incredible offerings our customers have come to love. The facilities include our Bakeshop, our Culinary Innovation Center and our Cheese Caves. Think you have great ideas for amazing Wegmans products? We want you to join us because when it comes to food, we never stop trying to do something new.

Our Culinary Innovation Center

There’s always a team behind the best meals. At Wegmans, part of that team is the talented group of people at our Culinary Innovation Center. The center was built to provide a place to research, develop and produce new prepared food and ready-to-eat items for Wegmans Stores. When you join us there, you’ll constantly push the envelope, developing new, delicious ways to meet our customers’ needs and desires for ready-to-eat dinners.

Video: Explore our Bake Shop

"Our customers will get a cheese that’s absolutely perfect, with the taste and texture they prefer, every time."
—Cathy Gaffney, director of specialty cheeses, deli and kosher deli for Wegmans.
Chefs Prepping
Chef with Customers