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Bring Your Culinary Passion to Wegmans

Why bring your skills and talents in the culinary arts to a grocery store? One reason is that at Wegmans, our store is your pantry—meaning you’ll cook with the best, freshest ingredients all the time.

A second reason? As part of our culinary team, from restaurant foods to specialty restaurants, you’ll work side by side with excellent, experienced chefs making fresh, delicious food. You’ll also get support to grow your skills as a culinarian, and as a manager, by participating in seminars and certification programs, and have the opportunity for mentorship by a regional or executive chef.

Join Wegmans and get the chance to do the work you love to while living the life you want—with flexible schedules and great benefits.

Culinary Talent Development Programs

  • Culinary Intern

    Use your summer to discover your passion. Our Culinary Intern Program is for full-time college students enrolled in an associate, bachelor or 2+2 culinary program and offers structured learning and career development opportunities that can lead to a full-time Wegmans career.

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  • Culinary Extern

    Learn while doing the work you love. Our immersive, 12- to 18-week training program is for full-time culinary college students not employed at Wegmans and offers supported learning and career development opportunities with the possibility of a full-time career at Wegmans.

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  • Culinary Management Trainee Program

    Develop your strengths with our comprehensive two-year training program that guides high-potential culinarians to a leadership role as a sous chef. You’ll learn how to impact the bottom line and culinary standards, participate in seminars and certifications and be mentored by executive chefs.

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Career Path

Prep Cook

Objectives: Entry level position where you will learn from the best culinarians to help you in your start to a long culinary career. Must possess basic food safety knowledge and knife skills and a passion for cooking is a must!

Est. time in position: 2 or more years

Line Cook

Objectives: Build upon your learnings from a prep cook or jump into a role where you will enhance your organization and culinary skills to maximize production efficiency. You will be trained in various stations within the kitchen and learn the IT tools to effectively manage the business.

Est. time in position: 2 or more years

Culinary Management Trainee

Objectives: Learn how to impact the 5 Measures and about culinary standards while mastering core recipes and cooking techniques with the aim of becoming a Sous Chef upon successful completion of the program.

Est. time in position: 2 years

Lead Cook

Objectives: Learn how to manage and develop others. Entry level management position responsible for overseeing a team of approximately 5-10 people. Demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the role including managing production of kitchen; recipes, food safety, policies & procedures and financials.

Est. time in position: one or more years

Sous Chef

Objectives: Manage kitchen operations, drive knowledge based service, train and develop culinary staff.

Est. time in position: Multiple experiences req. – 1 or more years

Store Chef

Objectives: Learn how to partner across the store to provide customers with delicious, innovative meal solutions, control product usage between prep areas, develop culinary employees and bring the What We Do and Who We Are to life.

Est. time in position: 2 or more years

Executive Chef

Objectives: Focus on being the primary food resource and setting the culinary standard for the store, partner with Perishable departments to develop food knowledge in all employees and customers.

Est. time in position: 3 or more years

Chef placing baking tray on rack.

As a culinarian I find this company is very unique. In a world where the culinary industry is cutthroat, high stress, and unrewarding, Wegmans has taken its core values, applied them to a busy professional kitchen setting, and created an atmosphere filled with fun, excitement, hard work and learning opportunities.

- culinary team

Exciting Restaurant Opportunities

  • Restaurant Foods by Wegmans

    All of our Wegmans stores feature our popular Restaurant Foods. This bustling, busy section offers an impressive array of foods and cuisines, including home-style prepared foods, plus self-service bars like the Asian/Indian Bar, Vegetarian Bar, Sushi Bar and more!

  • The Burger Bar by Wegmans

    This high-energy, fast-paced restaurant features a family-friendly menu of gourmet burgers, sandwiches and salads, all of which are cooked fresh to order. You’ll also get the chance to develop your skills of working a line and prepping.
    MD / NY (NJ / MA)

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  • Amore Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar by Wegmans

    This casual, fine-dining Italian restaurant features a chef-driven, seasonally inspired menu of authentic Italian cuisine. The incredible service is accompanied by an exclusive wine and beer list. You’ll also get the chance to take a dive deep into authentic Italian cuisine while working side by side with culinary experts.
    Rochester, NY.

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  • Next Door by Wegmans

    At this fine dining restaurant, you’ll find a chef-driven, seasonal menu of world-class cuisine inspired by European and Japanese techniques and ingredients. With an award-winning wine list, craft cocktails and a high-energy, open kitchen, this is one of the very best dining experiences that Wegmans has to offer. You’ll also get the chance to work in different roles throughout this large kitchen brigade, gaining exposure to unique ingredients and top-notch chefs.
    Pittsford, NY.

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