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Culinary Extern Program

Get Real Experience Doing What You Love

As a Culinary Extern, you’ll be part of a caring, diverse and knowledgeable team that loves serving our customers. Even as an external candidate, you’ll bring your passion for food and the culinary arts to a supportive environment and team ready to help you grow.

In this highly selective program you’ll give be given the opportunity to learn about Wegmans while honing your skills and working with talented Executive Chefs in our innovative, vibrant, high volume food stores. You’ll grow personally and professionally by participating in our core training. And develop expert culinary techniques while providing a one-of-a-kind culinary shopping experience for our customers.

Your Culinary Externship Program Experience

As a participant in our Culinary Externship Program, you’ll be mentored by store and division leadership. You’ll enjoy a guided, clear experience while gaining knowledge about how we practice the culinary arts at Wegmans. A typical program may consist of the following opportunities to:

  • Expand on current cooking and managerial skills
  • Gain continuous learning & development through department rotations
  • Participate in seminars and certifications
  • Achieve potential full-time career offers upon graduation
  • Mentoring relationship with one of our chefs

"We don’t want people who just cook. We want people who have a driving passion for food."Tom S, Executive Chef

Join our Culinary Externship Program, and begin your career journey with Wegmans.

Chef placing baking tray on rack.

As a culinarian I find this company is very unique. In a world where the culinary industry is cutthroat, high stress, and unrewarding, Wegmans has taken its core values, applied them to a busy professional kitchen setting, and created an atmosphere filled with fun, excitement, hard work and learning opportunities.

- culinary team